May 2021 Update

May 4, 2021

Welcome to the new April. As we scramble to get our returns, or at least our tax filing extensions ready, there is the unfortunate discussion of new Federal tax increases circulating. The biggest noise has been around the concept of further taxing capital gains, or more properly stated, the returns investors receive by taking risks.

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How To Use A Self Directed IRA To Buy Crypto

March 18, 2021


How do you use a self-directed IRA to buy crypto?

In order to use a self-directed IRA to buy crypto, you have to set up a checkbook control LLC, inside the IRA.

Once done, you must set up a digital wallet so you can purchase crypto. After that, you can buy crypto from any of the existing crypto platforms that you like.

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Using a Self-Directed IRA for Real Estate Investing

March 17, 2021


You’re probably familiar with companies like Fidelity, Charles Schwab and Vanguard, which limit your IRA investment purchases to the stock market. You invest your money in stocks, bonds and mutual funds.

NuView, considered a “third-party custodian,” allows you to invest in non-traditional alternatives like real estate, including rental properties such as an apartment building, senior living, or an Airbnb. You can also use your money to invest in mortgage notes, tax liens, tax deeds, and the purchase of raw land.


How do you use a self-directed IRA for real estate investing?

Here’s an example to illustrate how it is done:
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Chairing the Love Through Mexico

December 29, 2020

Our plan started with 22 donors traveling to Guadalajara, Mexico to distribute 280 wheelchairs in the surrounding area. Due to the ravages and fear of COVID-19, our traveling group narrowed to nine. After checking the infection rates of the state of Jalisco and realizing that they had half the rate of infections than did our home state of Florida, we decided to go ahead and make the worthwhile journey.

The blessing of giving was never more apparent than the experience of our trip to Central Mexico. We had never delivered to this area of the country, so everything was a new experience for both our group and the local Rotarians that helped arrange the logistics of the trip. What transpired was one of the most impactful distributions of the dozen or more that I have been a part of.

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What’s On Your Financial Dashboard?

What does success mean to you in your investments, and how often do you track it?  Well, that might be much easier to answer if you simply stuck to traditional markets and read the value of your stock portfolio from a prepared report created by your broker.

But what about the self-directed investor, like you and me?  Here is the problem – your measurements may not be the same as mine, and that is not a bad thing.  I’m 64 years old, and perhaps soon I may desire to dial back my time at work and redirect my efforts elsewhere.  For me, perhaps the ability to generate cash from my investments is far more important than missing out on the next big thing.

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