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Roth IRAs and Why They’re Your Secret Weapon to Retiring Well

October 2, 2018

When considering yearly income taxes, many enjoy the benefits of a traditional IRA or any pretax retirement account, largely because they are able to deduct the contribution on their tax return. This is part of a strategy used to secure a lower tax bracket. However, investors that self-direct often enjoy large gains making the Roth IRA their #1 choice – and for a very good reason.

When you contribute to a Roth, you pay taxes up front. You might be asking yourself, “What’s so great about paying taxes up front when you can’t deduct your contribution from your taxable income that year?” Well, when you pay the IRS up front, that’s it, they don’t get anything else. Yes, it’s true. That means no capital gains tax, and no forced distribution at any age. You can buy and sell stocks, bonds, real estate, crypto currency, precious metals, etc. all inside your Roth IRA. This leads to increasing your wealth, year after year, without owing any additional taxes.

Let that sink in for a second.

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Can IRA’s Get Married? NO…But…

February 1, 2018

Written By: Augie Byllott


Partner Lending with an IRA

I Now Pronounce You Partners in Lending!  Ok, that really wasn’t what the pastor said on the day we got married but who knew 29 years ago that one day my wife’s IRA and my IRA would be able to partner with one another.

Our Roth IRAs have been lenders to a number of real estate investors and rehabbers looking to buy, renovate and sell properties.  There have been a number of occasions where we could fund the loan in one account or the other but there have been times when we were actually able to have our IRA’s partner be each owning an undivided interest in a first position note. Continue reading…

Success is Found By Investing in What You Know

February 9, 2017

Peter, whose name has been changed for anonymity, is a long time Commercial Real Estate broker who once owned a large brokerage firm in Central Florida and now is an independent broker

“I first became aware of NuView and self-direction at a presentation that was held in my office in Orlando.   The fact that I could put my retirement funds to work in the very environment that I knew – rather than the unpredictable stock market made me roll over my IRA held by Fidelity to NuView.”

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Why Are Self Directed IRAs So Popular?

November 28, 2016

When NuView started 14 years ago, most IRA account owners were completely unaware that they could use their accounts to purchase assets outside the traditional stock market.  It was an industry served by administrators with a few thousand accounts, mostly used to purchase real estate.

Evidently much has changed.  At the 2016 industry conference I attended in Washington for self-directed IRA administrators and custodians, we learned the growth of IRA assets being self-directed during the past year was at its highest point ever.

What has suddenly made self-directed IRAs so popular? Watch to find out!

Self Directed IRAs – About NuView IRA

In most companies, management personnel or outside consultants develop core values, but NuView broke the mold in seeking input directly from its employees.

Our core values define what our employees see in themselves and, more importantly, in each other. Not only do our values represent who we are, but they also represent the areas of our business we like to emphasize and continue to improve upon.


How Do I Set Up A Self Directed Retirement Account?

This video will walk you through the steps to set up your very own NuView IRA account. You can open your account online by going here: