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How to Maximize Your Rental Property ROI

December 2, 2019

Successful Rental Property ROI Starts with a Plan

You can consistently increase your rental property ROI – if you have a good strategy. The key is to include a plan for keeping your tenants long-term. This aspect, while often overlooked, is directly correlated to your rental property ROI success.

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Is AirBnB Investing Right For You?

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had two deep passions that have really dictated the decisions that I make and therefore the direction my life has taken: sales and travel. 

I’ve been a saleswoman my whole life, beginning as a teenage entrepreneur when I took over running my family’s bar in Wisconsin. Then again when I moved to Florida to run my Door to Door Sales business. 8 Years later, I discovered the power of real estate investing. I jumped right in and got out of my crazy door to door sales company. 

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The Power of Partnering

November 18, 2019

Did you know that partnering your IRA funds to invest is one way you can acquire assets with limited funds?

Should You Consider a Solo 401(k)?

March 29, 2019

As we near the end of tax time, many real estate investors are reeling from the amount of money they owe Uncle Sam. I’m surprised they don’t spend more time doing something about it. I deal with real estate investors on a daily basis, and I’m always impressed with their creativity, independence and persistence. It has become obvious that the most successful investors leave no stone unturned. They are interested in leveraging every available resource to boost their returns. But many overlook the benefits of a Solo 401(k).

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Is it Still a Good Time to Lend on Fix & Flip Properties?

For several months there has been a steady drumbeat of news showing the housing market is slowing down and prices are softening.  For investors buying rental properties for long term cash flow, this is not a concern and may be a welcome development so they can buy properties at better prices.  However, the fix & flip strategy is impacted by lower prices.  If you’re loaning money to flippers, a decline in housing prices can be a concern.

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How to Get Double-Digit Returns in your Self-Directed IRA Without Ever Having to Own Real Estate

February 27, 2019


Finding the right vehicle for investing your IRA funds can be challenging. With the wide range of investment strategies, it’s hard to know which vehicle will provide the highest yield with the lowest amount of risk.  Many self-directed IRA owners chose more common investments such as single-family fix and flips or rentals as their main investment vehicle for their IRA. While those provide decent returns, there is still an element of risk and liability because you have to physically own the asset. Not to mention you’re now dealing with tenants, taxes, and the cost of unexpected repairs on the property. While there is nothing wrong with these vehicles of investing, what if I told you there was an easier way to put your IRA money to work that offered security, collateralization, and double digit returns without ever having to own real estate?

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A Guide to Real Estate Syndication

February 5, 2019


Making a career out of investing in real estate is not exactly the easiest thing. Like a lot of investments, real estate investments tend to start out small before progressing into something bigger. However, this progression could take years and for the ambitious real estate investor, the idea of spending years of their career investing in turnkey rental properties doesn’t seem too appealing. Fortunately, real estate investors can gain the financial momentum to fast track their career via a concept known as real estate syndication For real estate investors looking to learn more about real estate syndication, this article will provide a complete guide to the concept to help them broaden their knowledge.

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