Private Lending

A Different Kind of Leverage: Partnerships & Private Lending

December 6, 2021

When a real estate investor hears the word “leverage”, they oftentimes think of traditional bank loans or mortgages. What many don’t realize, is that they can also leverage their investments by using partnerships, other people’s money, or even other people’s investment experience.

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5 Considerations When Borrowing Private Money To Invest

September 8, 2021

Are you an investor looking for private capital? Here are five considerations to borrowing private money.

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What is The Mega Back Door Roth – And Who Does it Benefit?

Today, we’re going to talk about a strategy for people who love Roth IRAs, and how to maximize Roth contributions with something we call the Mega Back Door Roth.

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The Traditional IRA vs The Roth IRA. How Do They Work, And Which One Is Best For You

August 16, 2021

Let’s talk about how the traditional IRA and the Roth IRA work.

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The Checkbook Control Self Directed IRA LLC. What Is It, And Who Should Have One?

In this video, we discuss the checkbook control IRA, LLC. What is it? Who should have one? And, what are the problems associated with it, as well as what solutions it provides.

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