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The Traditional IRA vs The Roth IRA. How Do They Work, And Which One Is Best For You

August 16, 2021

Let’s talk about how the traditional IRA and the Roth IRA work.

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The Checkbook Control Self Directed IRA LLC. What Is It, And Who Should Have One?

In this video, we discuss the checkbook control IRA, LLC. What is it? Who should have one? And, what are the problems associated with it, as well as what solutions it provides.

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Private Equity and Venture Capital in IRA Accounts

May 1, 2019

Alternative Investments Are Becoming More Common in Diversified Portfolios

A recent PEW Charitable Trusts study shows a sharp rise in alternative asset investment (ex., private equity, venture capital, or real estate) over the past decade among large pension and trust investors. From 2006 to 2016, funds have more than doubled their allocation to alternative investments[1]. These large fund professional managers are capitalizing on the return and correlation characteristics of this asset class.  A recent trend in this class has been an increase in the relative percentages of private equity and venture capital as compared to real estate holdings.

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Investing in Private Companies Via Your Self-Directed IRA

July 12, 2017

Looking for a hot stock deal? Insider trading is a no-no, and getting first crack at an initial public offering is impossible unless you are super-rich and well-connected. Yet there is a way to get the jump on the general public when it comes to owning shares in the next big company: they’re called private placements.

A private placement is the issuance of restricted securities sold privately. These securities, usually in the form of shares, warrants or debt instruments, are exempt from registration with the Securities and Exchange Commission and cannot be issued on the open market. Issuers usually complete a Regulation A or Regulation D filing with the SEC to secure an exemption from registration. Continue reading…