19 Fatal Investor Mistakes – Part 2

March 27, 2017

You can read Part 1 here: 19 Fatal Investor Mistakes


6) Since I can’t get a 30-year mortgage on the un-renovated property you’re selling, I’ll have to borrow money from a private lender and then do a second closing once   the property is habitable. What are the pros and cons of this type of transaction versus buying a property that is already renovated and cash flowing?

I’ll admit that this is a loaded question because there’s hardly any comparison between the two options. Without a doubt one of the biggest ways new or out of town investors get in trouble is by purchasing a vacant, distressed property based on the seller’s opinions of the following: Continue reading…

A Self-Directed IRA Success Story

March 1, 2017

A Local Builder Builds His IRA – His Way

Our success story today comes from a custom builder in his 50’s residing in Lake County, Florida. Chuck (the client is real, his name is not), has owned his own business for 25 years and heard about NuView IRA when he met NuView’s CEO, Glen, at a networking event. Chuck was asked to provide a quote for a home remodeling job at Glen’s residence and later they got to chatting about self-directed retirement accounts. Continue reading…

19 Fatal Investor Mistakes

…and the Due Diligence Questions You Should Be Asking to Avoid Them.

For the first time real estate investor seeking the path to wealth, there is an overwhelming world of options out there. Stories of sudden riches from overnight successes, horror stories of people losing their shirts, and real estate gurus contradicting each other abound. To further complicate matters, real estate is an industry with constantly changing regulations, rules, rental rates, and property values. Continue reading…

Self-Directed IRA Client Success Story: Russ K.

February 28, 2017

Russ is a Business Turn-Around Consultant residing in Central Florida. After hearing about NuView IRA from HIS Capital, Russ decided to start self-directing his retirement funds when his IRA tanked during the great recession in 2008.

Russ first set up his account to manage his stock trades within the IRA and gain access to and more control over a wider variety of stock and mutual funds. Years later, after realizing he could invest in alternative assets other than stock and bonds, Russ made his first self-directed real estate investment in January 2016. Continue reading…

Impact Investing Through Your Self-Directed IRA

February 7, 2017

Guest author: Alex Wilson – CEO of Precious Timber

For decades now, non-traditional investments have driven the world’s best-performing portfolios and have out-paced stocks, traditional real estate, bonds, precious metals and more. In his best-selling book, The Alternative Answer, Bloomberg TV’s alternative investment editor Bob Rice, spells out that the world’s elite investors have long relied on alternative investments to produce superior returns while average investors have missed out… until now! Continue reading…

The Benefits of Local Real Estate Investing Associations (REIAs) Over Expensive Seminars

January 6, 2017

“Learn how you can make money in real estate with no money!” We’ve all heard that expression before, but is it true? It was likely from someone pitching a seminar or course for thousands of dollars, possibly even tens of thousands. Although there is value in these courses and great relationships that can be made through them, there is an alternative that doesn’t have to break the bank.

REIA is an abbreviation for Real Estate Investing Association. This is an invaluable tool to meet people from all walks of life who have an interest in real estate investing. Why should you take the advice to join your local REIA from Out Fast Realty & Investments? Because the owners are heavily involved with their local REIA. Greg Simpson is co-owner of the largest real estate investing association in Tampa Bay, TBREIA, and Jeremy Kloter hosts one of the TBREIA sub-group meetings. They can tell you from experience that it has been an amazing source of business, relationships and experiences.

Continue reading…