Bitcoin Investing with an IRA

December 15, 2017

Written By: Austin Holloway, Director of Business Development for NuView Trust.


If you have social media or follow financial news, you’ve probably seen the latest buzz about Cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Dash – the list grows daily. At NuView, I continue to get this question more often: “How do I invest my retirement funds into Bitcoin?” Today I am here to answer this question for you. I, nor our firm NuView Trust, endorse or recommends any investments; this article is for educational purposes only, invest at your own risk.

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The IRS Does Not Approve IRA Investments

October 30, 2017

Written By: Bryan Ellis, CEO of SelfDirected.Org


The capital you’ve saved and built in your self-directed IRA is precious. For many, it’s the sum of your blood, sweat and tears over decades of a work and represents the payoff for missed little-league games, late nights at the office and more stress than anyone should have to bear.

For those reasons, job #1 of the wise self-directed investor is to protect your capital at all times. Protection first, growth second.

That’s why you might be inclined to think that you should give extra weight to anything actually approved by the IRS as an investment for your IRA… right? Continue reading…

Client Success Story: Diversifying Your Investments

March 31, 2017

This month we’re featuring our client Mike who is an IT Director residing in St Augustine, Florida. While investing is not his main career, he is seasoned in many types of investments ranging from rentals and flips, hard money loans, precious metals (gold), and even bitcoin. With all of these investments under his belt using his IRA, Mike has some great advice to share for both newbies and professional investors. Continue reading…