NuView COVID-19 Update

April 6, 2020

Together we are facing COVID-19, an unexplainable virus that has disrupted most of our lives, whether it is travel, entertainment, worship or perhaps even employment. While it seems we aren’t able to control a lot during these unprecedented times, NuView remains focused on helping our clients.

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Confessions of a Self-Directed Entrepreneur

October 29, 2019

As a former banker, 22 years to be precise, I thought I knew about self-direction because mid-career my employer plan effectively disappeared, and I was told I could manage my own retirement accounts.  I could even do it in real-time online.  I was pretty astute, so I thought, and began trading stocks and mutual funds for the first time in my life.

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Giving Back, Bid by Bid

October 8, 2019

Not many people have had the chance to hear about my favorite charity, Chair the Love – a 501(c)3 that helps provide wheelchairs and other mobility related items and services to those in need in Central Florida and throughout the world. Every year, Chair the Love hosts their Chair the Love Dinner and Auction to raise money for their cause. Normally, I volunteer at the event, but today, I got to attend as a guest – lucky me!  

I walked through the doors of the Maitland Civic Center, and was immediately greeted by smiling volunteers, helping me down the registration line. They made checking in simple and quick! The registration process was seamless – it even included a way to cast my auction bid through my cell phone – a convenient 21st century touch!

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Ironing Out Wrinkles: Motivation, Movement, and Masterminds

April 8, 2019

Freedom.  Happiness.  Adventure.  Mmm.  Three of my favorite words.  I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone say, “Yeah, you know what, Chris?  I’d like less of those in my life.  Tell me:  How can I make that happen?” 

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Going Above & Beyond for Family

April 1, 2019

We all have that one person we’d do anything for. This is someone we owe the world to, whether for something they’ve done or how they’ve impacted us.

To me, that person is my father, a man who’s done it all for me. He’s taught me so much about life, all while managing a poorly dealt hand with his own health. He would give the shirt off his back without thinking twice, and he has. My entire life, I wondered how I would ever repay him, and for years, I was without an answer.

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Chairing The Love

February 7, 2019



Two years ago, Brad and Jen Sumrok attended a gala held by Chair the Love – a Florida based 501(c)3 whose mission is to provide wheelchairs and mobility related items and services to those in need locally and abroad. They were so moved by the charity’s purpose and overwhelming need for wheelchairs, that the Sumroks decided to take action, in hopes of spreading the message further. They began promoting Chair The Love through their business, Brad Sumrok Apartment Investor Mastery, and with the generous donations from their students, coupled with the Sumrok’s pledge to match the donations, they were able to raise the $42,000 (and then some) needed to deliver a full container of 280 wheelchairs to those in need!

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A Server’s Heart

November 2, 2018

One of the many unique things about NuView IRA is our passion for serving others – which also happens to be one of our four core values. We believe that each NuView employee embodies these values and as such, portrays it on a regular basis. We are constantly looking for ways to give back – as a company and in our separate lives.

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Sleep In Heavenly Peace: No Kid Sleeps on the Floor in Our Town!

October 23, 2018


New Orlando chapter of national charity Sleep in Heavenly Peace to partner with local business to build beds for area children sleeping on the floor


Sleep in Heavenly Peace (SHP) – Orlando West Chapter, the first Orlando area chapter of a national organization dedicated to building and delivering bunk beds to children in need, will partner with NuView IRA to build 10 bunk beds (20 beds) in a four-hour period.  These beds along with mattresses, sheets, comforters and pillows will soon be delivered to Orlando children in need.

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NuView Client Success Story: Out With the Old, In the With the New

October 2, 2018


NuView client, Craig H., currently resides in Central Florida and claims general contracting as his main profession. Along with his general contract work, Craig manages several rental properties and previously owned his own financial investment company. With his background knowledge in finances, Craig realized that not all financial companies were totally “transparent.” After working with previous companies, he felt the need to branch out and look for something more client driven – rather than being another name on a list.

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