Are Private Placements (PPM’s) Riskier than Wall Street?

March 6, 2018

Let’s take a look and see what actually happens behind the curtains.

In the case of a REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust) the market makers at Wall Street are between the investor and the deal and they take a healthy premium.

They typically take heavy fees and they often have a specific time-frame from when they enter the deal to when they exit. In this case they may sell into an unfavorable market.

Many investors invest in REIT’s, life insurance companies, pension plans or other large institution type funds. These funds typically invest in real estate, apartment buildings, self-storage and other assets very similar to the assets that are in a normal private placement. Continue reading…

Investing in Agriculture with your Self-Directed IRA

March 5, 2018

One of the many alternatives available for self-directed IRA investors is agriculture. Agriculture investments can help your retirement funds grow in two ways: First, a farm produces crops, and these crops generate income when sold. In addition, the value of the land may increase over time, resulting in tax-deferred capital gains. Investing in agriculture has become more popular in the past ten years. TIAA, a Fortune 100 financial services organization and the leading retirement investor for the academic community, owned no agricultural land in 2007. Today, they have more than $8 billion worth of farmland, including investments on behalf of itself and other institutional investors.

investing in agriculture Continue reading…

Commercial Real Estate: How to Profit During Inflation

March 1, 2018

Uncertainty in the public markets continues to cause unrest among global and domestic investors, with inflation being one of the main economic theories circulating among financial analysts about the cause of the next market crash.

What exactly is inflation? The economic definition of inflation is “a general increase in prices and fall in the purchasing value of money.” In reality, this translates to ordinary expenses, like groceries or gas, are going to cost more — and in some instances much more than one is accustomed — without a relative increase in work related income.

Investing in “hard assets” such as gold or other precious metals, oil or other natural resources, and even art have historically been protective investment vehicles to both protect against inflation, and in some instances, turn a future profit. When an economic shift happens, investors seek alternative investments like commercial real estate to their traditional public stock, bond and cash portfolios.


commercial real estate construction


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Client Success Story: How Tim Turned $88k into $400k with his NuView IRA

February 2, 2018

Our featured client of the month, Tim H., brings to us a unique story as he previously worked for an airline that was shut down. This was when he realized he needed to do more with the retirement funds he had accumulated in his 401K but was unable to take out the funds while working for the airline company. Tim saw our ads frequently and realized that this is what he needed to do to gain control. As soon as he started investing his self-directed IRA funds, his assets began to grow tremendously. Tim became a client of NuView 5 years ago with $88,000 which has since grown to $400,000 in assets! Continue reading…

Can IRA’s Get Married? NO…But…

February 1, 2018

Written By: Augie Byllott


Partner Lending with an IRA

I Now Pronounce You Partners in Lending!  Ok, that really wasn’t what the pastor said on the day we got married but who knew 29 years ago that one day my wife’s IRA and my IRA would be able to partner with one another.

Our Roth IRAs have been lenders to a number of real estate investors and rehabbers looking to buy, renovate and sell properties.  There have been a number of occasions where we could fund the loan in one account or the other but there have been times when we were actually able to have our IRA’s partner be each owning an undivided interest in a first position note. Continue reading…

Employee Spotlight: Jennifer Stearns

jenniferJennifer, a mother of two young boys, relocated from upstate New York to Central Florida in 2015 and joined NuView’s team in July 2017 as a Pre-Processor.  Jennifer has since then been promoted to her current role as our Institutional Transaction Associate which involves processing purchase and sale transactions for Institutional IRA accounts.  She is also on NuView’s Social Committee which keeps her busy planning events and activities for our clients and employees.

Jennifer says: “I enjoy spending quality time with my family and socializing with everyone.”

Jennifer has been a great asset to our team since she started and continues to make our clients extremely happy with her cheerful personality and willingness to help service their needs.


Fun fact about Jennifer: She has owned Chinese Pugs her whole life as well as a Westie (West Highland Terrier).

Learn how to use a Virtual Assistant to 10X your business in less than 3 minutes!

January 31, 2018

Virtual Assistant


The intent of this short piece is to give you a snapshot into the Virtual Assistant world! As our team has expanded we’ve added multiple virtual assistants from all over the world. We’ve tried and experimented with websites like, and too. There have been ups and downs but I wanted to cover a few details to consider when you’re thinking about hiring a virtual assistant. Continue reading…

Important Updates for NuView Clients

January 23, 2018


Please be advised that:

  • Your account statements from 2017 Q4 are now available in your client portal. Simply login to your client portal to access and/or download your statement.
  • Valuations are due. The deadline for Fair Market Valuations is January 31, 2018. There is a $25.00 fee per quarter per asset that will be assessed starting March 1st 2018 for all assets that have not been updated. Please contact us if you need any paperwork or assistance for your valuation.


Please contact us via email or call us at 407-367-3472 if you have any questions.

All the best for 2018!

NuView’s Winter Wonderland Holiday Party

January 11, 2018

It was a wonderful evening of client networking at NuView’s Winter Wonderland Holiday Party on December 7th, 2017 at Kasa Restaurant downtown Orlando.


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The Payoffs of Private Lending – NuView Client Success Story

January 9, 2018

“The first month I saw the payments going into my NuView account I knew I had made the right decision. Several borrowers paid off the loans ahead of time. I just needed to see the money coming in to believe it.”


Our featured client of the month, Jim, had been investing in the 401K his company provided for him in the telecom sector since the early 90s. According to Jim, “The return wasn’t great but the employer matching was enticing.”

In 2013, he left the corporate world to go full-time into real estate and had a small amount of funds he wanted to rollover into something but was not sure of the best option. When his accountant suggested a self-directed IRA with NuView he was intrigued with the idea. Jim had never heard of a self-directed retirement account before then and took some time to research and consider this is an option. Jim’s accountant had several clients that were also clients of NuView Trust and she highly recommended NuView as the best self-directed IRA custodian to work with. In early 2014, Jim finally pulled the trigger and opened up an account with NuView Trust rolling his funds over to reap the benefits of self-direction.


private lending


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