Webinar: How To Effectively Close Multifamily Deals

February 4, 2021

Listen as “The Apartment Queen”, Kaylee McMahon, gives a detailed explanation of how to successfully close on an apartment complex from start to finish.

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Have You Thought About Investing In Cryptocurrency?

February 1, 2021

Webinar:  The Cryptocurrency Conversion


Cryptocurrency may be a great option for you – acting as an insurance policy – to protect you from inflation, Wall Street, and the non-stop money printer the Federal Reserve has.

Don’t let this intimidate you. Instead, think of cryptocurrency as an “off the grid” investment that governments aren’t able to manipulate like other currencies.

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February Update: 2021

Something interesting happened last week, as I am sure we are all now aware. During a meeting the next day, a colleague turned to me and asked what I thought about the recent debacle regarding Game Stop.  I sheepishly confessed I had not even heard about the controversy.  It seems that since I moved my retirement plans and HSA into self-direction entirely, my interest in the public markets had completely diminished.  After quickly plugging back into the financial news and learning about the unusual actions and wild swings of transactions – it reinforced the notion that having all your funds in the stock market is foolhardy.

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The Nuances of Preferred Returns

A preferred return is a common feature of a real estate partnership structure whereby an investor’s return is put in first priority prior to any sponsor/manager participation in the profits or performance compensation. For example, investors may receive an 8% preferred return which entitles investors to a minimum of an 8% annualized, compounding return prior to the sponsor receiving any performance compensation. This does not mean the preferred return level is by any means guaranteed and there is typically no recourse aside from the accruing and compounding of such preferred return associated with not maintaining the preferred return payout.

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NuView Client Success: Earl S.

Listen to NuView CEO, Glen Mather, as he interviews one of our wonderful clients, Earl S., about his real estate knowledge and investment success.