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Be The Bank – Note Investing with Tax-Free Dollars

May 18, 2021

On this week’s Wednesday Webinar, Nate Hare and special guest speaker, Keith Baker, cover “Be the Bank – Note Investing with TAX-FREE Dollars”.

The promissory note has been around since the dawn of time. Banks issue notes when you borrow money from them, and those notes are often secured by the collateral for which the money was used for. Most commonly notes are secured by real estate, which makes for a great safety net if the note goes into default. Many investors have found that note investing within the IRAs and 401ks has many advantages. Not only does your IRA and 401k shelter your investments from taxation, but note investments in your IRA can provide very steady streams of income from the interest payments while being collateralized by real assets such as real estate.

This class will teach you about the many types of promissory notes that investors look for as an investment option for retirement. Let your IRA “Be the Bank” and sit back and watch it grow.