April Update From Our CEO

Greetings from our World IRA Operations just outside Orlando – just far enough outside that we have avoided the “Shelter in Place” edict for Orange County.   Although NuView Trust is considered an “essential business”, we do have the freedom to move about from work to home and the grocery.  This provides all of you full access to the same team and capabilities that you have enjoyed over the past seventeen years – and let us hope and pray that it only improves from here.  There is little doubt that we are better together, so long as our team’s safety is not comprised. 

It almost seems a bit callous to speak about investing and financial growth during times like this, yet immediately following physical safety, financial security is a top concern.  Government bailouts funded completely by deficit spending is not an attractive alternative, yet it is the environment that now surrounds us.

Is there a financial opportunity in any of this?  Perhaps, and in the short-term it may be in a traditional market choice, or a unique private investment that normally would not be available at an attractive price.  If you want to hold onto cash – all those options are available to you right here.  Don’t forget, lending, purchasing real estate, business start-ups still have relevancy even in disrupted times, and maybe more so.  The power of self-direction is in your hands.

Perhaps you didn’t know that we can assist you in opening a brokerage account under your NuView account – which will give you the greatest of freedom to move funds between your public and private investments in a much more expedited manner.  The same goes for any cash instruments such as CDs or money market funds – you are no longer limited by your custodian where you can establish your account.

We will continue to communicate with you as situations may change, and build on our series of webinars to stimulate thought and share what other private investment experts are seeing as well.

Meanwhile, God bless you and your loved ones, and may He keep you safe.

Glen Mather