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Hello From the CEO!

November 2, 2018

In Florida the weather has finally turned, down to a chilly 60 degrees last night – and I had to get several windows unstuck from their six-month closed position.   I hope that all of you are enjoying the change of the seasons, and if the prospect of snow is a bit depressing, come visit your IRA in Orlando anytime.

It’s a great time of year to take a look at your investment performance as well.  Will you accomplish the growth in your IRA this year compared to what you forecasted in January?  Here is a brief checklist to consider that several of our clients use:

  • Do I have any uninvested cash not working?
    • Issue loans
    • Partner on new investments
    • Find opportunities in other sectors such as venture capital or private placements
    • Discover joint ventures
  • Should I convert any of my pretax funds (SEP, Simple, Traditional IRAs) to a Roth?
    • Pay tax on the seed, not the harvest
    • Look at your expected earnings for 2018 and convert when it makes sense tax-wise
    • Don’t forget, all your future earnings can be distributed without taxes, and to your heirs as well
  • How can I learn more from NuView and from successful investors?
    • Look for our growing list of webinars on individual subjects
    • Plan on attending our client events – at least one per quarter (next one November 15th)
    • Invite us to speak at your group or event – we are happy to travel
    • Tell others about the power of self-directed IRAs, they become potential partners for you


As the official month of Thanksgiving, I am grateful that we have such a breadth of investment opportunity outside the choppy stock market, and thankful for all of you in taking advantage it through Nuview.

May God bless you and family this month, and throughout the years,


Glen Mather, CEO